The Arrow (aka) Roddy Ritchie has a 30 year plus track record in the international marketing and advertising industry. As a graphic designer, art director and creative director – the Arrow brings a boundless depth of industry knowledge, ideas, life experience, and creativity to the table when it comes to clients’ marketing needs. The Arrow has worked for some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious advertising agencies. From London to Edinburgh and few places in between. Without question, that high level of experience allows the Arrow to advise and produce effective marketing solutions to a client’s requirement, at every level, from new business start-ups to world-famous brand companies and organisations.

The Arrow’s approach to the creative process is: being open-minded, looking at the wider picture, not plumping for the obvious, taking many views and opinions, being inclusive and not getting precious about who or where the ideas emanate from. But most importantly, producing intelligent design and marketing tools that work for clients and customers alike.

The Arrow was born in the early sixties and would have rather been an astronaut, (like his hero the late, great Neil Armstrong) but instead of travelling in space the Arrow has journeyed far in terms of producing award-winning advertising, design and strategic marketing tools.

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Arrow Creative is for you if…

… You want to generate sales enquires, interest in your product or services and plenty of them from your marketing activities

… You want your company to be using powerful, effective and proven marketing strategies, tools and initiatives

… You want common sense and years of experience in marketing know-how

… You don’t have a bottomless pit of money for marketing, but you are willing to invest some time

… You’ve heard it all before and have been either baffled, unimpressed or let down

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